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Chiropractor in Marshall, MO

Chiropractic New Patient Special Offer

New Patient Special Offer!

ONLY $47
(a $299 Value!)

Offer includes...

✅  New Patient Consultation

✅  Comprehensive Examination

✅  1 Full Set of Necessary X-Rays

✅  Doctor's Report of Findings

Are you suffering from:

Back pain. Athletic running woman with back injury in sportswear rubbing touching lower ba
Chiropractor in Marshall, MO
Chiropractor in Marshall, MO
rheumatoid arthritis and repetitive motion injuries,including carpal tunnel syndrome in wo

Get Pain Relief Today!

* Insurance and Medicare Regulations may apply.

Get Pain Relief Today!

Limited Time Offer!

Lockhart Chiropractic

754 South Odell Ave
Marshall, MO 65340

Chiropractor in Marshall, MO


(660) 886-7134

What Our Patients Are Saying...

My problem is that I had an old army injury that became inflamed. I herniated a disc when helping move a paddle boat. The pain was so intense I couldn’t stand, sit or walk without excruciating pain. I came into this office because my sister- in- law, Lisa referred me. I knew my back was injured and that I needed to see a chiropractor. I have so much less pain. Plus as an added benefit, through routine chiropractic care I have better range of motion in my back. My hope for ongoing chiropractic care is to maintain the progress I have made and to continue getting my disc to stay where it belongs. 

~ Lori Pragman

My problem that brought me into Dr. Lockhart was hip issues after knee surgery in high school. It kept “locking up” my lower back. I also was having headaches. I came into the office because I knew Dr. Lockhart and he thought he could help. Since getting chiropractic care I no longer have headaches and most pain doesn’t last long. My hope for my health with ongoing chiropractic care is to help maintain what progress I have made. 

~ Bethany Wettlaufer

When I came in I had lower back pain and it was hard walk and sit. My grandpa trusted Dr. Lockhart tremendously, so I wanted to give Him a chance. Since coming in I can be active on the farm. My hope for ongoing chiropractic care is to continue being active on the farm. So, I plan to stay on Dr. Lockhart’s maintenance plan. 

~ Leigh Leimkuehler

Before chiropractic care, I could not stand up without support. I could not even cough or sneeze without agonizing pain on my lower back. My left leg was always tingling, and my allergies were off the wall. Since coming in I’m saving money on flonase because I no longer need it. I don’t have that horrible pain on my lower back, not to mention my leg feels so much better. I feel great, I have so much more energy than I did in my 20s. I would have to say that getting out of bed without pain or support has made my mornings so bright and cheerful.

~ Jennifer Calantog

I fell on roller skates at a young age and it has caused issues most of my life. My husband convinced me to come in due to the back pain. Now, most of the time my pain is gone but when it’s not I can tolerate the pain much easier.  My hope for ongoing chiropractic care is less pain and better sleeping. 

~ Ann Orear

“I had a lot of back pain and was walking bent over. Now I walk upright! I am getting better in both my neck and right leg!” -- D Clutter

“When I started chiropractic care I was only 13 years old. I had low back pain and my neck hurt at least two times a week. Now I have more energy and flexibility. I stay focused better at school.” - C Brown

“I started chiropractic care when I was 11 years old. When I started I had breathing problems, and back pain. I wasn’t able to do things like the other kids. Now I can walk all day without hurting, go sledding and other fun stuff.” A Phillips

“When I came in I had problems with my lower back, headaches and wasn’t sleeping well. Dr. Lockhart has been able to give me relief in both my lower back and in my neck. My headaches are gone and I am sleeping much better.”

- M Welborn

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